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China's exports of organic pigments import and export has a chain lower at 4.91%

2015.11.05   09:35

According to Customs statistics provide data, in June 2015, China's exports of organic pigments, and products 12,281 tons, representing a decrease of 10.52 percent, 4.91 percent lower than the ring; as of June, 2015, total exports of organic pigments, and products 72,915 tons, an 7.19% lower. June imports of organic pigments, and products 15,850 tons, an increase of 6.06%, 2.06% lower than the ring; as of June, 2015, total imports of organic pigments and products 8,502 tons, an increase of 3.87%.

June 2015 organic pigments and products export volume fell 13.39 percent, a decline of 3.85%. June organic pigments and products exports continued to fall, the export situation is facing a severe test.

Domestic organic pigments and products exported a total of 92 destinations, of which the top five export destinations were the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia and India, followed by the number of shares accounted for 12.49%, 8.78%, 7.01%, 4.90% and 4.20%. Wherein the number of domestic organic pigment and products export five countries in June was 1,534 tons, 1,078 tons and 861 tons, 601 tons and 516 tons.

By Betty

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