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Standard analysis of internal and external wall paint in China

2015.11.06   10:25

At present, the standard of paint detection in our country is: the exterior wall paint of synthetic emulsion, GB/T9755-1995, and GB/T9756-1995, GB/T18582-2001.

For exterior architectural coatings, people are more concerned about is coating aging, because the exterior wall coating is exposed to the atmosphere by the severe environmental challenges and need to have good aging resistance, detection of GB by xenon lamp accelerated aging method to detect. This method simulates the change of weather conditions on the coating's loss, the current standard is: 200 hours; the first grade product is 250 hours. For inner wall paint, people are most concerned about is coating of scrub resistance, GB is the use of artificial acceleration detection method, the current national standard of China is greater than or equal to 300 times.

In addition, detection index also includes in the container condition, construction, appearance of the coating, drying time, alkali resistance, resistance to freezing and thawing, coating and temperature change resistance and crack extension rate etc..

It should be said that the domestic testing standards are very low, compared with the standards of foreign developed countries, such as: the general requirements of aging in foreign countries in 500 hours or more.

GB18582-2001 (interior wall paint harmful substances limited)

1.       the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the product should be less than 200g/L;

2.       the product production process, the compound that contains the heavy metal not artificially, the total content should be less than 90mg/kg (lead meter);

3.       product production process shall not artificially added formaldehyde and formaldehyde polymer, content should be less than 100mg/kg.

By Emily

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