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From the principle of anti-corrosion paint analysis effect of acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint

2015.11.06   10:33

Acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint for acid or alkali resistance, alternate acid-proof alkali or acid and alkali resistant at the same time, the resistance to PH value can be between 1 and 12 Alkali acid corrosion and anti-corrosion paint coating aging resistant, good adhesion, strong resistance to oxidation.

Good acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint can acid-proof alkaline, resist the corrosion of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide, naisuanjian corrosion mainly include electrochemical principle Principle, principle of chemical and physical principle role in three aspects:

1.  the electrochemical principle of acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint:

Corrosion electrochemical action refers to add some special material in the antirust paint, so the moisture and oxygen by anti-rust paint will react Anti-corrosion ion formation, steel and other metal surface passivation, so as to prevent the dissolution of metal ions, reach the purpose of the corrosion, the most special material Common is chromate acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint.

2.  resistant to acid and alkali chemical principle of anti-corrosive paint:

The reaction mechanism of acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint is harmful to acid and alkali substances and to neutral harmless substance, to protect the material from within the anticorrosive coating Violation of the corrosive substance. To add some amphoteric compounds in acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint, such as aluminum hydroxide, zinc oxide and barium hydroxide, these objects Easily and acid-base chemistry pests occur, and achieve anticorrosive effect.

3.  the physics of anti-corrosive paint:

The physical principle of acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint anticorrosion is by the anticorrosive coating will be protected material corrosive substance with the outside world. Antirust paint of physical Principle is the use of film-former for dense anticorrosion coating, to isolate the anti-corrosion effect to the injury of the protected material, such as lead paint and oil Can be formed after should lead soap, to ensure that the density of anticorrosive coating.

By Nicole

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