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New bright blue pigment will be widely used in paint and plastic

2015.11.09   09:02

Recently, Oregon corvallis, Oregon state university (OSU) chemists accidentally discovered in 2009, the new light blue paint formally now To enter the market, it will be widely used in paint and plastic.

This new paint consists of unique crystal structure, make the manganese ion absorption the red and green wavelengths of light, and reflected only blue. Blue extremely durable Sex, special compound structure stability, even in the oil and water will not fade.

Besides used in paint and plastic, the pigment of another commercial use is roofing material. The new pigment is a kind of very cool blue combination Content, infrared reflectivity at about 40%, far higher than other blue paint, can be applied to a blue roof.

The above features make the new pigment is generally applicable to a wide variety of goods. When used in paint, for example, by reflecting infrared light, help keep buildings cool Cool. Even better, Subramanian says, is the paint contains ingredients are non-toxic.

At Oregon state university has with the United States (Shepherd) xue, paint on the new light blue pigment exclusive license agreement, it is called YInMn blue, will be widely used in coating and plastic area.

By Nicole

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