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Titanium titanium white hope "the gold nine" from "off"

2015.11.09   09:11

"Golden nine silver ten" is coming soon, according to past experience, "the gold nine" approach, titanium dioxide due to downstream, printing ink, plastic and other markets Will be more prosperous, prompting the use amount of titanium dioxide. After the may fall on titanium dioxide co, is a good chance to counter attack. Although has been near the end of the market is still not showing too much positive signal, but some companies are to lift prices by cut down the negative. Generally reflect the industry enterprises, titanium dioxide near ten thousand yuan price consolidation for a long time, hope I can from various industries, in order to out of titanium "off" as soon as possible.

In may, June, July, August, titanium pigment market have been four "drop stop board", low price in nearly 3 years. Market prices in August Break recent lows, broke the past volatility, started to dip. Domestic titanium dioxide market stabilization low last week, the actual market Clinch a deal the price is subject to "a single meeting", enterprise acted. The titanium pigment market incentives varied, everybody rushed to change That reduce the price.

Downstream coating production landslide in production, the procurement of raw materials, titanium dioxide overall situation is grim. Now the main support weak downstream demand, Titanium pigment market situation is not optimistic, outweighs the cut production of enterprise, some even have the idea of exit, titanium "off".

"Four losses" titanium pigment market make production enterprises loss or shut down, the confidence of the serious influence in the industry.

Although the titanium pigment market overall weak trend, but the positive factors in the increase in operation, market or stabilizing low valuation to meet "the gold nine". It is understood that in 2015 the global value chain is widely in oversupply situation, some manufacturers use shutting down part of the factory, the production to reduce production To the weak market. As huntsman recently shut down in Calais, France 10 tons of sulfuric acid method of titanium white plant, retain only post-processing ability. To his company Since the second quarter of this year to reduce the production of titanium white and ore, titanium white plant recently has suspended the Hamilton (a total of six production lines) One of the production line and western Australia Tiwest pigment factory (a total of four production lines) of a line, means that the company overall titanium dioxide production line down Its desire to negative 15%, visible through the lower production rate and inventory to match market conditions.

Domestically, this year many cut in financial institutions renminbi deposit and lending rates and deposit reserve ratio, elastic moderate monetary environment. nearly One, second-tier cities real estate recovery situation is obvious. Late is expected to continue rebound momentum, the supporting role on titanium dioxide movements.

By Nicole

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