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Domestic new ink less developed production With foreign differentiation is obvious

2015.11.10   09:53

The fourth Chinese ink production in the world, but I haven't a printing ink production of manufacturing enterprises to achieve 10% of the total ink production, with the global top 20 oil Ink manufacturers of gap is very big. Annual consumption of 300000 tons of ink, ink per capita consumption are still less than 1/24 of the world's top three average, Print per capita consumption of less than 1/20 of the developed countries, per capita consumption of paper and board less than 1/13 of the us.

Overall, China's ink technologies, processes and equipment level is still relatively weak, in ink product system input in research and development And technical strength, especially in today's market demand for the development of the new and special printing ink, there is still a big gap between. Comprehensive international and domestic The market situation, mainly exist the following gap.

1. Less investment in science and technology, new product development ability is poor

2. Small scale, poor competitiveness

3. The basic industrial level is low, poor quality of raw materials

4. The quality gap

5. New product development needs to be improved

By Nicole

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