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Marine economy anticorrosive material can not be ignored

2015.11.10   09:59

The notice about print and distribute national Marine main body function area planning under the state council, notify the said this planning is important component of the national development plan" Part, advancing the basic foundation of Marine development priority zones layout, and is a basic and binding of ocean space development planning. Scope of planning for me Domestic water and territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, and other sea areas under the jurisdiction.

Blue part of about 71% of the earth's surface is covered with water, the effective area is 5~10 times of the land; Shipping and Marine industry has become In today's world economic development indispensable important pillar of global currently has about 90000 registered merchant ship, and small vessels is more than 10 million, China More than 90% of international trade by sea transport capacity. However, the Marine environment is very harsh and has strong corrosive, will damage to coastal and offshore facilities Serious damage and the Marine corrosion and protection has become one of the key areas of global concern.

Marine anticorrosive coatings development cycle is long, large investment, high technical difficulty and risk is big, industry barriers is higher, Marine anticorrosive coatings research abroad Hair mainly concentrated in the big company with rich strength. At present, the Marine anti-corrosion coating production enterprises is toward the development of green environmental protection, resource saving, high performance Corrosion coating is the trend of development, the future will also be developed with high temperature anticorrosive, fight electrostatic, high elasticity, non-toxic and other multi-functional anticorrosive coatings. Prevent from the sea Corrosion materials industry chain, its upstream raw materials mainly include resin, pigments, solvents, additives, mainly includes, downstream demand fields Box bridge, Marine, oil platform, etc.

By Nicole

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