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Titanium dioxide weaker market volatility

2015.11.13   08:34

At present, the titanium dioxide low-end product homogeneity serious and excess supply, titanium pigment enterprises is generally believed that the market in the first quarter of this year, April and may lure the market prices of most companies produce desire, sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium pigment market has a tendency to break through 12000 yuan/ton, the enterprise production and inventory increase, industry capacity utilization reached nearly 80%. Mutations market suffered "cold current", titanium pigment market demand suddenly dropped sharply in June, liquidity in the social stock plummeted, and export market setback. According to Chinese customs data statistics, in the first half of 2015 China's total export titanium dioxide, 298651 tons, down 2.06%, compared to the average export price of usd 1, 864/t, fell 8.42%. International companies such as dupont, heng boltzmann have cut titanium white product price, titanium pigment in China based on the world market price advantage is no longer apparent, this is the main factor causing in the first half of this year exports fell. In addition, the downturn in the global macro economic environment, highly macro-economic relevance titanium pigment market demand has slowed.

With tough market change, forced to reduce the price to reduce the price, then reduce the utilization industry consensus. But even so, the enterprise cost superposition sales difficulties, delivery time panic hangs over the titanium dioxide industry. Titanium dioxide is indispensable to the earth of white paint, there is no any kind of material can replace, therefore, the characteristics of titanium dioxide and the application of the ubiquitous determines its inevitable is closely related to the world's economic production.

Market although weak but there must be demand, sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium dioxide currently market has stabilized, drop the space is little, bottoming out or stalemate down? Small make up think stabilization is given priority to a slight rebound in the short term, mainly is the recent market go to the library, and titanium ore market recovered.

By Nicole

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