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Inkjet and toner technology development in competition?

2015.11.13   08:28

2015 regeneration time Asia printing consumables industry summit, CarstenEdelmeier from German OCP companies referred to in the speech future inkjet technology will not replace carbon powder, but there is no doubt that ink-jet technology will take the more rapid, more price advantage, excellent image quality characteristics become the ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprise.

Edelmeier from the perspectives of environmental protection, save money and speed, a retrospect of the inkjet advantage, and with the help of statistical data to the attendees inkjet is undoubtedly the future trend of development.

Office expectations of print quality enhances unceasingly, CarstenEdelmeier think it will become the one of the main driving force of the development of the inkjet. He shares HP HP, for example, in the face of office environment evolution and make some adjustment strategy.

CarstenEdelmeier finally also Shared the OCP views on future trends, and argued that the pigment ink is the development trend of the future.

By Nicole

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