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About 70 countries in the future or stop using the paint which contain lead

2015.11.12   08:45

From the prevention of lead poisoning in the international propaganda campaign week was informed that, for global children, lead poisoning is still one of the most important environmental health concerns, lead paint is the main cause of childhood lead poisoning. The World Health Organization has called for the use of paint companies to avoid the use of lead paint, so that children's healthy growth.

It is understood that the World Health Organization has been identified as one of the ten major public health concerns caused by the major public health concerns, the member states to take action to protect the health of workers, children and women of childbearing age. The group said lead exposure to 143000 deaths annually, resulting in the burden of the most important in developing countries. The organization also stressed that the dangers of lead to children should not be ignored, especially vulnerable to lead exposure to lead, and to bear the serious and sustained side effects of health, lead in particular will affect the brain and nervous system development. According to the data provided by the organization, caused by the contact of intellectually disabled children lead the new estimate of about 600000 per year.

About 70 countries in the future or stop using lead paint

The World Health Organization says children may be exposed to lead paint through toys, walls, doors and furniture, and other objects can be produced by the surface of lead paint, which can lead to lead pollution, and can easily be inhaled by children. Who said no known safety lead levels were considered, and there is no known safety blood lead concentrations, but lead poisoning can be prevented.

China's new coating net Xiaobian understands, domestic on indoor environment decoration material standard of lead content have clear standards and regulations, provisions of the said, solvent coatings for woodenware heavy metal content, inner wall coating, wood furniture, heavy metal content, wallpaper heavy metal containing amount of soluble lead content shall not exceed 90MG/kg. Experts explained that these criteria are provided in the main indicators of the main heavy metals in addition to lead, there are chromium, cadmium, mercury 3. These heavy metals are the main components of the paint color, so "the more brightly colored paint, the more likely to contain a large number of heavy metals."

Figures from the World Health Organization show that 30 countries around the world have gradually stopped using lead paint, and the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Agency to lead the elimination of lead paint global alliance set the goal is to stop using lead paint in 70 countries in 2015.

By Betty

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