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Intends to further upgrade the EU REACH regulations in cadmium containing coatings

2015.11.12   08:38

Recently, the EU issued a circular to the WTO Secretariat (EU/G/TBT/N/294), the proposed amendments to the European Parliament and the Council of REACH regulations XVII cadmium. The revised contents include cadmium coatings, which will be limited to the use of some of the cadmium coating to limit the listing of such coatings, and proposed the limit value of cadmium in these coatings is 0.01%.

As one of the most important export markets in China, the European Union is an important part of China's furniture, household appliances, toys and other consumer goods. The use of these consumer goods, there is a part of the cadmium coating. This time the supervision of the improvement and upgrading of cadmium, for furniture coatings, home appliances, toys, paint and other related coatings manufacturers to improve the formulation of the requirements.

To remind the relevant coatings companies from actively respond to the new requirements of REACH regulations on cadmium coatings: to strengthen the collection and study of cadmium directive supporting technology standards, to control the REACH regulations on cadmium content, limited requirements and testing methods; the raw materials, process flow, outsourcing process of cadmium content risk analysis, to find a variety of risk link, through process transformation, formula adjustment and other ways to control the risk of cadmium. Relevant coatings enterprises should also be listed in accordance with the regulations of the project, according to the degree of risk, high risk of raw materials for testing, verification of conformity.

By Emily

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