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The paint industry status and prospect forecast for the year of 2015

2015.11.11   08:56

In the year of 2012, The paint production was 12.7187 million tons in China, an increase of 11.79%, in the year of 2013 the Chinese paint production was 13.0335million tons, an increase of 3.58%, in the year of 2014 the Chinese paint production was 16.4819 million tons, an increase of 7.87%.

The saturation degree of the coatings market in China has been great, but it is not developed in the vertical subdivision. It is understood that in our country, such as water-based coatings, powder coatings, art coatings and functional coatings are still in the early stages of development, the division will become a pioneer in the development of the market and market prospects of a target market.

In recent years, with the pressure of environmental protection policies, consumer awareness of environmental protection, and especially in the past two years, provinces and cities have introduced VOC emission limits, to encourage the use of non solvent based coatings, water paint and other environmental protection has brought opportunities. Although the traditional paint still occupy a large market share, but the water based paint is a green industry, is the future development of the paint type. In the country to vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction, water based paint is being carried out in the industrial development of large speed. The next 5 years to 8 years, the water based paint will account for more than 50% of the domestic industry market share. At present, the domestic water paint leading enterprises are emerging.

By Emily

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