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Sino-Indian co-operation will be more promising in API industry

2015.11.25   08:32

Some analysts believe that if India process chemist cooperates with Chinese manufacturers, some new API manufacturing enterprises with high efficacy and low cost will emerge.

In the pharmaceutical industry, India and China are both developing in the market, the two countries in the global active pharmaceutical ingredients are playing more and more important role on the stage from 2008 to 2008, the Indian API market is expected to be increased by 24.07% at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR). And China in this period CAGR estimates is as high as 32.15%.Analysts believe that considering the growth rate of global active pharmaceutical ingredients market is for the single digits, so the growth rate of the two countries is huge.

Globally, pharmaceutical companies are facing growing market regulatory environment, consumer demand is higher and higher, and the pressure of the competition is more and more challenged, such as for this, they are taking a series of strategies, aims to reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Due to the global weak purchasing power, multinational pharmaceutical companies are seeking to purchase cheaper API. This is mainly because some "blockbuster" drugs are also lose patent protection, the developed countries was reducing health care costs, and at the same time, new drug research and development costs are on the rise. This kind of situation for Indian and Chinese manufacturers will provide a lot of business opportunity.

By Alice

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