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Next Five Years: Close to 150 billion for cancer drugs

2015.11.25   08:37

In the next five years, the global pharmaceutical market will grow by 4%-7% of the annual compound rate, to reach $1.27 trillion by 2018. And the generics market will grow by 7% to 10%, which will reach $606 billion by 2018, accounted for 48% of the whole medical market scale.

It has an income of $100 billion in cancer drugs market last year, cancer drugs market will reach $147 billion with 11.6% of compound growth rate by 2018, that means anticancer drugs research can get huge profits.

Clinical project includes 2 types of treatment: one kind is kill to cancer cells through targeted drugs , another way is to use the immunological approach to cancer treatment, namely the tumor immunotherapy, it is using our body's immune system to attack cancer cells.

According to Goldman sachs consulting prediction: by 2020, the market expectations for cancer immunotherapy is around $31 billion, and the consulting firm Leerink Partner predicted that the tumor immunotherapy market will reach $40 billion.

By Alice

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