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Ginkgo biloba industry: or will usher in "shuffle"

2015.11.30   08:45

This May the CFDA checked the low-price sales of ginkgo biloba and drug companies in unannounced inspection and found that guilin xingda pharmaceutical co., LTD. and other  ginkgo biloba producing enterprises which are using the false and inferior raw material to produce drugs.These enterprises aims to reduce production cost and get the illegal profit, changed the ginkgo biloba extract production process without authorization.

On June 4th the CFDA ammounced ginkgo biloba drug supplemental inspection method,  different ginkgo biloba extract plants and gingko biloba pharmaceutical preparations enterprises  are requested to inspect each batch for all products which produced since Jan 1st 2014. On June 8 CFDA released the announcement about the enforcement inspection situation for health food enterprises which used ginkgo biloba extract in the production ; On June 19, releasing inspection situation about using illegal ginkgo biloba extract in the production of health food, and the inspection also extends to the field of health food.

On June 22nd, the CFDA required that, all unqualified products companies recalled products which expanded to include all products in the period of validity which produced before January 1, 2014, companies with part of the unqualified products are requested to self-check all products in the period of validity before January 1, 2014, and recall the unqualified products, enterprises should submit all self-checking and recall situation to local FDA before July 10th.Self-checking and recall situation on July 10 local food and drug supervision bureau recently submitted to the enterprise.

On September 6, the CFDA release the third stage ginkgo biloba drug special supervision, Up to now, the special governance is still in progress.

By Alice

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