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Be pre-coated metal color silver instead of white

2015.12.28   14:31

Although in most pre-coated metal application field, white always is the mainstream color, but according to a report to the national association of coil coatings (NCCA), silver and other metal color also started in the mainstream in the field of application is on the rise.

As consumers seeking to use low cost process and method of making the appearance of high-end makers are constantly trying to make their products different, so the pre-coated metal offers a very attractive solution.

The new trend of architectural design including silver, coppery or bronze metal building exterior facade. Reflected this trend as well as other industries, such as home appliances and other consumer wants more color choice, can make home appliances more flexible collocation with domestic outfit style.

Effect of metal coatings, usually containing aluminum or mica. Compared with the traditional smooth white paint, the naked eye can feel better reflected. These flake pigments give paint flash effect, for household appliances, metal roofing, pontoon, RV and other products to create the appearance of the novel.

In addition to beautiful, expand the effect of metal coating on coating stage of application and practical advantages. Such as, by the high ratio of paint coating of steel or aluminum, and other coating products, products of the same protection and product service life.

By Nicole

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