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Several kinds of titanium pigment enterprises new ways of saving energy and reducing consumption

2015.12.25   09:39

Used in the promotion of tubular filter

Tubular filter machine has the equipment and large capacity, high filtration precision, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, belongs to a kind of precision filtration Equipment. In recent years, some factories use it for titanium liquid thermal filter and control will obtain good effect. Used for hot filtering, filter area 150 m2 Tubular filter can meet the needs of 50000 t/a titanium white plant, the filtration efficiency is twice the traditional plate and frame filter, and the filtering precision can be up to 10 x 10-6, because of the tubular filter in an airtight container by compressed air blowing, filter cake recycle completely, fewer water consumption and regeneration of filter cloth.

In addition, such as the tubular filter is used to wash recycling metatitanic acid or three of the titanium dioxide, effect should be very good, high recovery rate, not only will also change Most enterprises in China by large static natural sedimentation pool, the present situation of the supernatant barrels, device, sites can greatly narrowed, the operating environment will be improved significantly.

Promote the use of high efficiency and energy saving of enrichment equipment

Double or even triple effect enrichment is a very mature chemical unit operation. MVR technology, USES the reverse carnot cycle, total evaporation of secondary steam, after booster compressor, mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, in improving the secondary steam Steam enthalpy, on the basis of to return to the evaporator used as heat source, without any external steam, just takes some electricity, it is the traditional reverse evaporation and concentration technology A sex change.

The recycling of water to the deeper development

Is paid great attention in the industry of water-saving engineering, but most is to rely on physical recycling utilization, system and a large number of water resources is not reasonable use.

Titanium dioxide three wash water, surface treatment after ion exchange of Yin and Yang are soft water, the water after washing mainly containing a water-soluble is given priority to with sodium sulfate Billet and a small amount of wear filter titanium dioxide particles, most factories are the water as cooling water recycling use (such as power supply in addition to the fog), very pity. The pressure Angle of lateral filter water to wash, wash (wash) part containing small amount of water, although after more than filter medium filter for the use of two wash.

Before further managed to reduce into kiln metatitanic acid water content, in order to improve the yield, reduce energy consumption

Metatitanic acid dehydration before kiln in China, has experienced the leaf filter to turn the filter, the evolution of the diaphragm filter press, metatitanic acid group content of from 30%~32% Up to 50%~60%, but still has the potential to.

The technology should not only focus on how the metatitanic acid in water as far as possible dry, and grope for powder material in different temperature in turn kiln Hard to ensure and control means, otherwise the paint performance.

By Nicole

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