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What are the indicators of offset printing ink technology?

2015.12.24   10:27

Offset printing ink, as a kind of important present graphic information printed material, has the good printing eligibility is required. As offset printing operators, should understand the nature of the offset printing ink and the indicators, can more accurately choose to use offset printing ink. What are the indicators of offset printing ink technology? Basically has the following five aspects:

1.Concentration: ink pigment concentration is pigment content indicators, the general accounts for about 20% of the total ink. General tinting strength through testing to determine the size of the ink concentration. In amount used when printing the same ink, ink concentration, print color is thick, instead of printed color is light. Especially when printing large field, the concentration of the ink is especially significant impact on the quality of printing.

2.Sticky: ink viscosity ink viscosity meter test. The size of the ink viscosity value is letting the viscosity meter ink membrane separation between the two rollers, the size of the force. Ink viscosity than the little will affect the quality of printing. Also, according to the relative viscosity size printing order choose all kinds of printing ink. Under normal conditions, it is not need to adjust the ink viscosity, such as the need to adjust can choose according to its viscosity, consistency of additives.

3.Dry: offset printing ink drying process is the ink on the paper from the liquidity larger nonpolar gel body into a steady state process. General measure of offset printing ink fixation rate and oxidation of conjunctival dry two indicators. Current offset printing ink resin type, fixing faster. In theory, the early dry the sooner the better, but the early dry too fast can affect the gloss of printed matter. Generally about 80% of the conjunctival ink drying time between 16 and 30 hours.

4.Sheen: ink gloss is ink printed sample in particular on the light, Angle, is the amount of light reflection and standard look the ratio of the amount of reflected light, expressed as a percentage. Generally the higher the burnish feeling the printing effect is better. Although wetting liquid used for print gloss and printing, paper, the absorption of sex also has a certain relationship, but is mainly determined by the ink. This nature of ink and links depends mainly on the material and paint. The links of ink and paint will have very good printing eligibility, and high gloss resin itself. This ink printed on paper by high gloss.

5.Fineness: ink said printing ink pigment and filler particle size and distribution in the link of material evenness. Ink fineness and pigment properties and grain size has a direct relationship. Fineness, the better, the more stable the nature of the ink, forceful printed products branch. Vice liable to occur in the printing plate of the resistance rate is low, the heap ink, expansion of outlets empty, and the network is not smooth.

By Nicole

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