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Gap between Chinese and foreign architectural coatings industry

2015.12.18   08:42

With the development of China's real estate industry, China's construction industry has been sustained, healthy and rapid development. As a kind of important material in Building Decoration Engineering, paint is a kind of economic, beautiful and safe, which has become the industry's fastest growing sub industry. However, there are still some gaps in the architectural coatings in China.

The consumption level of architectural coatings in China is relatively low. China's coatings production is the world's third largest producer of coatings, in the United States and Japan, but due to the large population, compared with the industrial developed countries, per capita consumption is far below its level.

Product structure is irrational. Our country's construction paint products accounted for a large proportion of the building coatings, such as polyvinyl alcohol type paint about 40% of total construction coatings, which has been eliminated from the United States and other industrial developed countries, such as polyvinyl alcohol and other coatings, the use of polyvinyl acetate emulsion and companion acid emulsion coating material. Throughout our country in recent years, the construction coatings market, the development trend of China's architectural coatings, is in the direction of high-end products, but fundamentally change the backwardness of low-grade products, but also a considerable period of time.

Low level of process equipment. China's architectural coatings manufacturers, in addition to a handful of production lines from abroad, the level of technology and equipment, other manufacturers are relatively crude production equipment, the quality control of its process equipment is generally low. Production efficiency, product quality and stability of the first class enterprise efficiency are not ideal.

Market competition ability is low. According to incomplete statistics distribution in the country more than 4000 architectural coatings enterprises, the vast majority are small, soil, scattered enterprises, due to the small size of production, enterprise technical quality is poor, management level is low, the production cost is big, the productivity is low, the direct economic benefit is poor, the development foundation is fragile.

Scientific and technological research is weak. Due to the lack of scientific and technological development funds, lack of scientific research strength, the construction of scientific and technological research results are not many. Exposed to a new type of paint that is coated on a building is often a lot of problems. Not only affect the reputation of the coatings enterprises, but also greatly hindered the promotion and development of coatings enterprises themselves, in the construction of scientific and technological research and development, the low level of duplication, less innovation. Compared with foreign advanced countries, the gap is not general.

The shortage of raw materials, additives and high prices. Construction coatings used in emulsion, additives, pigments, etc., are faced with fewer varieties, the quality is not stable, and the price of a number of factors, the serious impact on the development of China's architectural coatings. In production, it is often found that the sale of raw materials, even the same manufacturer, but different batch number, quality difference, to paint manufacturers bring great difficulties.

By Betty

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