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Powder coating application of new technology and new progress has been slow

2015.12.15   08:53

1, powder coating in the application of heat sensitive substrate

MDF powder is a hot topic in industry, substantial progress has been slow, however, quite apart from the powder and coating technology, the most important reason is that price is not high. Sand grain powder and liquid coating appearance adornment effect is a big gap, cost than traditional melamine panel is much, have a thick grinding polishing oil companies try to use spray method for highlighting mirror coating, but the cost is very high, so the MDF powder green, but the market acceptance is far less than expected. Coating technology is also a big restriction, the biggest difficulty is how to make the paint film curing completely without blister and edge crack problems, some system suppliers in order to solve these problems with liquid coating or putty processing the surface and edge, at the same time in order to solve the problems of the paint film curing incomplete, even on the sand grain powder mask liquid light oil, sinking into the predicament of high cost and low environmental protection, has also led to furniture industry on the properties of powder product quality and environmental questions; But there are very few successful examples, in general, the current at the start stage.

2, the low temperature curing

Powder coating curing baking temperature is too high, not only cause energy waste, high curing temperature also caused coating cannot be used for heat sensitive materials, thus reduce the curing temperature of the powder coating can save energy, still can enlarge its application field. Low temperature curing powder is moving slowly, the outward appearance, storage stability, performance and cost is larger factors, especially the lowest outdoor powder curing temperature is higher than 140℃, external appearance, product performance and storage stability and there are some problems.

3, thin coating of powder

Powder paint coating thickness is in commonly 50 microns above, because of powder coating raw material factors, technological factors, coating and other reasons, to obtain similar liquid coating around 30 microns thickness is very difficult. First, scattered pigments in powder coating resins, far less than the degree of liquid coatings, the other is the granularity of powder coating is too thick, so coarse powder particles to achieve thinner coating is difficult, the current technology and resin system, powder particles carefully and affects the powder of powder liquidity, if the powder granularity and spraying process parameters of the system is also to make a series of adjustment. In short, thin coating of powder coating is a systematic project, need many efforts to improve things. A few domestic enterprises for thin coating powder and equipment development, the greater progress powder appearance is very pleasing, spraying performance is good, but the large area to promote the technology to solve the problem of production efficiency.

4, imitation plating effect of powder

Some outstanding enterprises at home and abroad in 2014 launched the effect similar to electroplating effect of powder, but the high imitation plating products high requirements for powder production and use of the link, a slight negligence, will create paint film defects. Currently dependend technology, metal powder, powder appearance defects, make imitation plating effect of powder and the actual electroplating products have a certain distance.

By Nicole

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