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The impact of VOC tax on the development of Waterborne Coatings

2016.01.04   10:37

Water-based coatings include water-soluble coatings, water-dilution coatings, water-dispersing coatings (latex paint), 3 kinds of. Water soluble coatings is a water soluble resin as a film, in order to polyvinyl alcohol and a variety of modified materials as the representative, in addition to water soluble alkyd resin, water soluble epoxy resin and inorganic polymer water, etc..

In order to standardize and improve the production process and product technical indicators, to promote the progress of the coating industry, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of industry and the Ministry has formulated the relevant standards for 14 coatings and paint industry, to regulate the entire paint industry's healthy development.

The introduction of the new standards will help improve the overall level of the development of the domestic paint industry, but also in order to face the growing demand for social environment. The new standard contains a large number of technical indicators designed to reduce VOC emissions and reduce environmental pollution.

Paint industry to water on behalf of the oil has been heated debate, and in the implementation of the measures to implement the paint consumption tax levied this year, the industry believes that will lead to changes in the paint industry. After landing the country on February 1 this year, the VOC content more than 420 g/L (inclusive) coating 4% levy consumption tax policy, the traditional solvent based industrial coatings enterprises in the direction of the waterborne and powder such as environmental protection transformation and upgrading process is irreversible.

More and more consumers in the market also believe that the traditional concept of production of paint products have not applied to the environmental protection needs of contemporary society, water-based paint is in line with environmental protection, healthy life of the new concept of the ideal paint.

Among the many waterborne coatings, waterborne polyurethane coatings, waterborne epoxy resin coatings and waterborne acrylic resin coatings are the most concerned areas. In June 1, 2015, HG/T4761-2014 "waterborne polyurethane coatings", HG/T4759-2014 "waterborne epoxy resin coatings", HG/T4758-3, water-based acrylic resin coatings, etc.. The implementation of these standards will be an important milestone in the development of China's water-based industrial coatings.

HG/T4761-2014 "water-based polyurethane paint" is a new standard for water-based polyurethane resin as the main film forming material, adding pigments and fillers (varnish) and additives, which are used for metal and cement mortar, concrete, etc..

At present, the water borne polyurethane coatings market in China is in the stage of development, but has not yet formed the scale, but with the increasing environmental awareness of the whole society, especially the national environmental protection laws and regulations on the VOC content in the coating is increasingly strict, technology is becoming more mature and the cost of raw materials gradually reduced, water borne polyurethane coating will usher in a booming development opportunities.

HG/T4759-2014 the water epoxy resin anticorrosive coatings "new standards applicable to metal substrate water epoxy resin anticorrosive coatings, respectively of primer, intermediate coat and top coat of the relevant technical requirements.

In the steel structure anticorrosion coatings, epoxy coatings accounted for a considerable proportion. While the traditional solvent based epoxy coatings produced a large amount of volatile organic compounds in the production and construction process, so the development of the waterborne epoxy resin has been put on the agenda.

Although the waterborne epoxy resin has been studied for more than 25 years, it has been used for more than 10 years. However, it has not formed a large scale production and application in the whole application. At present, the quality and protection effect of the waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coatings on the market are not satisfactory.

The introduction of new standards, the standardization of the production, construction and application of waterborne epoxy resin coatings, which will promote the development of the type of coating products and market penetration.

HG/T4758-2014 "waterborne acrylic resin coating" is suitable for the water-based single component or two-component coating of acrylic resin as the main film forming material, the product is mainly used for the decoration and protection of metal surface.

Waterborne acrylic resin coatings are not only used in the industry or in the civilian field as the protection of metal and other metals, in many cases can also be used for the protection of cement or wood.

This kind of water-based paint, whether in terms of environmental protection, performance and price, has a greater competitiveness, including climate aging, reduce the content of volatile organic compounds, etc.. In foreign countries, the product has been a considerable degree of popularization, its application in the country is becoming increasingly widespread.

There are a variety of water based acrylic protective coating products, before, because there is no uniform standards and specifications, the product quality, environmental protection requirements and the construction effect are uneven. Believe that the introduction of new standards, will quickly change this situation.

As is known to all, the country's environmental protection is urging the industry to complete the transformation of environmental protection, high pollution of the paint industry is also expected to be further improved. Related to the new policy, new standard also in the boost and gradually release the market potential of waterborne coatings, the prospect of waterborne coatings will be unlimited.

By Betty

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