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The golden period for Chinese paint industry is just started

2016.01.08   08:28

At present our country has become  one of the biggest paint manufacturer country, but also a major paint consumption, China's 1.3 billion  population, a huge potential consumer market has been the world's attention, but the average  consumption level is still low. Therefore, it can be expected that the coatings industry's production growth has great potential.

Data show the growth of the last year sales of paint

In the year of 2014, the global paint coatings increased by 3.9% which is 43.38 million tons, with a total sales of 85 billion pounds, or about $132 billion 300 million US Dollar.In the year of 2014 ,the sales of paint, construction paint sales volume of 50% tons, accounting for 21.69 million of the total sales of the industry, the total sales of 48%, the total sales volume of industrial coatings, accounting for 29% of the total sales of the industry, the annual sales of USD33.075Billion, accounting for 25% of total sales.

The forecast of the coating industry during the year of 2014-2018

During the year of 2014-2018 years,it is expected to increase Chinese paint sales will reach about 60%, huge market growth, enterprise technology innovation is the use of a pressing matter of the moment for the new situation, it is expected that in 2018, the National Paint demand will reach 1.6 million   tons.

With China's economic development, as well as the future 10 years after 80, 90 into the main consumer groups, these consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, coupled with the market more and more standardized development, paint industry will have a huge space for development.

By Emily

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