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800℃ high temperature resistant anticorrosive paint can be 800 ℃ hot corrosion resistance for a long time

2016.01.12   08:34

High temperature combustion temperature is above 800 ℃, and under the high temperature combustion products such as carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, combustion generates carbon dioxide, water, five oxidation Two phosphorus and sulfur dioxide and other products, the products of combustion temperature have strong corrosion. In high temperature environment, refractory materials and the environment medium under high temperature Irreversible chemical reaction and degradation process called high temperature corrosion. Refractory materials at high temperature and atmosphere in the oxygen, sulfur, carbon, nitrogen, etc Elements caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction of deterioration or damage. Is generally thought that, when the refractory working temperature reaches its melting point (kelvin) More than 0.3~0.4, can be considered to be high temperature corrosion environment.

High temperature resistant to acid and alkali corrosion study shows that in the coal-fired power plant of corrosion media such as H2S corrosion at 300℃ above gradually strengthen, namely every rise in temperature 50℃, the corrosion degree will double. For subcritical boiler in a large power plant, the burner area of soda water wall tube temperature about 350℃ or so, The flue gas side water wall tube temperature about 420℃, the more is in strong high temperature corrosion in metal temperature range. At the same time, the local pipe wall temperature Through high, easy to make the corrosive of low melting point compound adhesive on the metal surface, contributed to the high temperature corrosion of tube wall.

Under the environment of high temperature corrosion rate and corrosion degree is relatively much faster in low temperature, corrosion rate is much higher, this situation is more concentrated in metallurgy, oil Equipment parts, aerospace and other department. Way of high temperature corrosion mainly oxidation corrosion is given priority to, other corrosion. Is depends on the mechanism of high temperature corrosion Role: between in liquid medium and solid metal dissolution of physical, chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion generally three types of corrosion.

High temperature resistant anticorrosive coatings in the high temperature furnace, metal in high temperature flame environment can effectively protect the high temperature furnace metal anti-corrosion, improve acid resistance Alkali resistance, protect metals from oxidation, closed protection function, to overcome the common anticorrosive coatings under the condition of high temperature is used to, not enough heat resistance, Easy to produce the defects such as peeling, knit crack, discoloration.

By Nicole

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