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High temperature resistant powder coating formulations of material selection

2016.01.18   09:22

High temperature resistant coating is mainly composed of high temperature resistant resin, high temperature resistant paint, high temperature resistant filler, and special additives; Because of its outstanding resistance to high temperature performance And widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, aviation and other industries. The heat resistant powder coatings still is given priority to with organic silicon powder coating. Organic silicon powder coating Of each component in the choice and control is the basis of high temperature resistant organic silicone powder coating.

1.  high temperature resistant silicone resin in powder coating

Organic silicon resin is given priority to with silica key chain, because of its higher bond energy and gives the organic silicon resin high oxidation stability, and can be on the coating surface Generate stable protective layer. And separate with organic silicon resin, its intermolecular force is small, poor adhesion, the price also is higher; In meet the related performance Under the premise of general moderate organic silicon resin is added in the resin to solve the above problems.

Within a certain range of the greater the amount of silicone resin coating and service life of heat resistant time accordingly. Mentions some organic silicon in the literature Resin added amount increased from 0.1 to 0.3, coating heat time from about 50 h, up to 100 h.

2.the choice of the fillers

Because of inorganic pigment is organic pigment heat-resisting performance is superior, so high temperature resistant powder coating is generally not considered organic pigments, mainly choose from inorganic pigment Take appropriate and stable performance; According to the related literature, in the packing before baking coating resistance to impact from good to bad in the order: wollastonite, mica powder, kaolin Soil 〉sillimanite 〉quartz. After barbecue mica powder is best, the rest phase.

2.  selection of auxiliaries

Choose appropriate additives, as well as improve the resistance to high temperature and high temperature resistant powder coating film is an important part of the mechanical properties. As in the high temperature resistant powder added Add antioxidant, a hard agent, etc.

By Nicole

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