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What kind of coating pigment can be called environmental protection paint?

2016.02.15   16:16

For use in coating of paint, as a result of the harmful substance content in coating are some standards or regulations limit, of these coatings and pigment is heavy To be part of, and therefore also the harmful substance content in paint had limited requirement.

In general, to the environmental protection requirement of the pigment is the most important is the heavy metal content, with, for example, there are some paint limited standard of heavy metal content Requirements

1.the eu ROHS directive of four kinds of harmful heavy metals limit requirements:

Harmful material set limit value

Lead(Pb) 0.1%(1000PPM)

Mercury(Hg) 0.1%(1000PPM)

Hex.Chromium(Cr6 ) 0.1%(1000PPM)

Cadmium(Cd) 0.01%(100PPM)

2.used in toys, and close contact with human body paint, according to, GB24613 ASTMF963, EN-71, GB/T23994 standard requirements:

Harmful material set limit value

Soluble lead (Pb) 90 PPM

Soluble mercury (Hg) 60 PPM

Soluble chromium (Cr) 60 PPM

Soluble cadmium (Cd) 75 PPM

Soluble arsenic (As) 25 PPM

Soluble antimony (Sb) 60 PPM

Soluble barium (Ba) 1000 PPM

Soluble selenium (Se) 500 PPM

3."GB24409-2009 automobile coating harmful material set limit to of requirements, in accordance with limited ROHS directive.

4.at present, China's building exterior wall coating (GB24408-2009), indoor decoration with coatings (GB18581-2009, GB18582-2008 ), toy paint (GB24613-2009, GB/T22788-2008), and close contact with human body paint (GB/T23994-2009) and the car paint ( GB24409-2009) of harmful heavy metals limited requirements are introduced evaluation standard.

5.China is rolling out ship coating, floor coating evaluation standard, the limited material for heavy metal content will be limited, preliminary confirmation is involved Limited according to ROHS directive.

There is a requirement for heavy metal content limit can be used to make the paint, can be called environmental protection paint.

By Nicole

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