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Some drug companes turn into health care products field due to GMP limit

2016.02.23   09:05

According to the CFDA released "the nationwide statistics about drug GMP certificate taken back in 2015", this year there's total 140 drug firms throughout the country from which 144 GMP certificate is taken back, among of them, total 82 GMP was taken back in the field of Chinese medicines slices throughout the year and accounted for as high as 56.9%, in addition, it has been taken back 20 GMP in 2014, which belong to the worst-hit areas.

"Daily economic news" reporter said, It is likely to become mergers and acquisitions object for these chinese traditional medicine enterprises, some companies plan to transform into health care products. China's health care products and food production enterprise need be in accordance with the GMP certification standard production, but it's not mandatory.

Analyzes believed that Chinese medicine health care products are popular in recent years, drug companies turn to the field, but not waste their efforts on the GMP certification.

"Small, scattered and disorderly was the features among the traditional Chinese medicine industry, the new GMP certification can promote the pharmaceutical industry to develop in the direction of large-scale, intensive, further to ensure the safety of drug quality, promote traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the international community.

By Alice

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