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Titanium dioxide market ushered in the dawn

2016.02.25   09:13

In late December 2015, after the first half of the market downturn, titanium dioxide market finally ushered in the dawn.

Global titanium dioxide four giant Qi prices

In December 17th, mu (Chemours) announced that all global sales of titanium dioxide by 150 U.S. dollars/ton, the new price will be effective from January 1, 2016, or other contractual requirements;

On December 18, Ventnor (tronox) announced that all sizes of titanium dioxide products globally across the board increase 150 dollars/ton, the new price will come into effect on January 1, 2016, or see also the requirements of the contract;

In December 18th, Huntsman (Huntsman) announced a global company of various specifications of titanium dioxide products across the board increase, the new price will be effective on January 1, 2016. Huntsman am in all regions of the world are as follows:

Europe: 150 euros/ton (Euro), or 160 U.S. dollars/ton (dollars);

North America: $0.07 a pound;

Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East: 160 U.S. dollars/ton.

In December 21st, Connors (Kronos) announced that, since January 1, 2016, the world all raised its price of titanium dioxide, the following specific adjustment program:

North America: raised 0.07 dollar/pound;

Europe: increase 150 euro/ton;

In Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa: up 150 U.S. dollars/ton.

Giant prices will boost the market or Chinese

Global titanium dioxide four giant Qi Qi prices significantly positive China titanium dioxide market. On December 22, the four listed titanium shares (billions [002601]; CNNC titanium [002145]; ane [002136]; Gimpo titanium industry [000545]) Qi Qi trading. The personage inside course of study is expected in the exemplary role of the international giant price increases, coupled with the titanium dioxide powder products unit energy consumption limits "standard officially released, industrial pollutants to prevent the technical policies, will accelerate the integration of industry, titanium dioxide, profitability is expected to improve.

From the demand side: recently held in the central economic work conference clearly put forward to resolve the real estate inventory as one of the five major tasks in 2016. The meeting clearly pointed out that "according to improve the household population urbanization rate and deepen the reform of the housing system, speed up the people of migrant workers, the expansion of effective demand, supply and demand through the channel, digest inventory, stabilize the real estate market. To implement the reform of the household registration system, allowing the transfer of the agricultural population and other non household population settled in employment, so that they form a buy in employment or long-term rental expectations and needs. To clear the direction of deepening the reform of the housing system, in order to meet the new public housing demand as the main starting point, to establish and purchase rental housing system as the main direction of the public housing to non household population. To encourage the development of housing rental market, the natural person and all kinds of institutional investors to buy real estate inventory as rental market listings provider of specialized enterprises to encourage the development of housing rental business." Real estate demand rebounded, will provide support for the paint market, so as to drive the demand for titanium dioxide.

With the international titanium dioxide prices rose and downstream market demand to pick up, is expected to spring in 2016, the domestic market price of titanium dioxide will have a slight increase, the price increase of about 5%.

By Betty

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