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How to reduce the number of unsold coatings in 2016

2016.04.01   09:27

For the coating industry in China in 2015, under the situation of year-round industry market is negative, the coating of consumption tax is to let coating enterprise. A large number of inventory and policy adjustment, let coatings enterprises concerns.

In 2016, "destock" will is an important issue of the Chinese paint market

For most people, "destock" is not a strange words, such as real estate industry. It is no exaggeration to say, whether the housing inventory or coating market inventory will important influence on the steady development of China's economy.

How to reduce the number of unsold coatings in our market?

It is most important to make a reasonable planning production according to the requirements of quantitative production.

There is no doubt that is the China coating industry development direction of green environmental protection, green environmental protection coating is policy and public opinion. Only conform to the direction of the development of coatings enterprises can obtain the policy more aggressive continued support, and after the change to green environmental protection coating, the government is likely to reduce wary and restrictions to the development of coating industry. Through to the transformation of green environmental protection, also can make many stock capacity gets carding and integration, make the industry planning is more reasonable.

Say so, the Chinese paint market to inventory must first from the source control "inventory" capacity, but also change the policy bias, seize the opportunity "urbanization" to three or four line market agriculture, and expand consumer demand, accelerate the transformation of green environmental protection is necessary.

By Ruby

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