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The paper reviewed effects of coating ratio and its solutions

2016.04.06   09:13

1, control of powder particle size distribution, the narrower the better: reasonable control of powder particle size (difficult), in our actual production only adjust the ACM, deputy grinding speed. Important 40-50 um powder particle size is suitable, narrow distribution about the better.

2, improve resin: resin to decrease the amount of filler, select well charged resin, epoxy powder is better, some manufacturer on polyester powder, some manufacturer on polyester powder is more difficult (separate will grind epoxy, polyester jet plate), friction gun jet flow obviously better than static gun, and friction to squirt gun thicker coating, coating without the disadvantage of high pressure gun, such as hair flower big orange peel phenomenon.

3, Choose suitable filler: filler has much to do with the fineness and scattered with powder. Precipitation on powder is higher than general superfine heavy barium and barium sulfate is better than that of the calcium carbonate.

4. Increase electric additives: right amount add conductive additives in the formula (mechanism: take more charge of powder particles. In areas of high voltage electrostatic spray gun to the working area, there is a strong electric field and air ionization produced hundreds of millions of ions, increasing the electricity agent powder particles after the area was polarization, it can take more negative ions and take more charge. For groove corner due to Faraday effect in areas such as the power line is weak, the powder particles of at this time with more charge will depend on own strength to reach the surface of the working area, thus improving on these parts of the powder.

By Ruby

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