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Water based coating can save coating industrial?

2016.04.08   08:35

Throughout the year of 2015 called "oil to water," it is difficult to say the green environmental protection? Actually it is confused for many people the matter of "oil to water". on earth why is said that  water based coating can save the future of coating industry?

Water paint with water as diluent, using imported raw materials, through special process adding refined from imported superfine silver powder, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection low carbon, non-combustible, low VOC, low carbon, health characteristics, can be widely used in wood, metal, industrial coating, plastic, glass, building and other material on the surface are applicable.

Under the circumstances of economic globalization, people more and more concerned about the economy more developed, serious damage to the environment, our country actively put forward: "green, environmental protection, build a beautiful homeland" policy, vigorously promoting the development of green science and technology industry.

1.Policy support

In Hebei and Guangdong etc, there are some good news coming from the government to enterprises "oil" to "water". In addition, the coating of the annual output of nearly 16 million tons, environmentally friendly water-based paint accounted for less than 50%, while European and American countries, the proportion is as high as 90%.Under the domestic environmental protection trend reversed transmission, water paint will replace the traditional paint for accelerated promotion period, relevant enterprises in market expansion opportunities.

2.Collecting taxes on solvent based paints.

On January 26, 2015, the national ministry of finance and state administration of taxation  jointly issued the "notice" on a consumption tax on coating: in order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, approved by the state council since February 1, 2015, a consumption tax on coating, in production, processing and import link tax, applicable tax rate shall be 4%.Said at the same time, the construction state of volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of less than 420 g/l (including) the coating shall be exempted from the consumption tax. Facing the fog effect in recent years, and rapid economic development, people's living standards improve, higher demand to the paint, no longer simply to buy those dozens of pieces of paint, brush a big taste, effect is poor, with rub off soon. In today's modern, more the pursuit of high quality household building, green environmental protection, energy saving, at the same time we people living consumption level is higher than we imagine, so the water paint it is more suitable for the market, water paint must be the main body of the future market.


Children furniture using water-based paint is a kind of inevitable trend, the use of water-based coating ratio is increased year by year, accounted for about 80% of children furniture market, in addition, the high-end adult furniture in the use of water-based coating proportion also unceasingly to increase, a well-known brand children furniture basically is using a water-based coating. Adult furniture markets, by contrast, the specific problem of wooden furniture related environmental protection laws and regulations, thus utilization rate is relatively less.

By Ruby

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