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Five major trends in paint industry is likely to emerge in the year of 2016

2016.04.11   10:07

Heavily competition in 2015 has successfully, paint companies end up a year of gain and loss, at the same time, also began to seriously examine the year of 2016, paint industry will face what kind of the market pattern? Coatings enterprises need to take precautions to deal with the 2016 various changes in the market.

First: the industry reshuffle into the norm

The extensive development of the paint industry has become a fatal factor of the industry criticized, coating industry consolidation is imperative, in the long process of the market, more and more enterprises due to the operation and development of the gradually withdraw from the industry. And industry scale enterprises have more market space at this time. To re integrate and define the pattern of the industry, to achieve the healthy development of the industry, have become the focus of 2016, and even the next period of time.

Second: the need to become the mainstream consumer market

The golden age of real estate has been in the past, in the new real estate market pattern, just need to pull the paint industry, the most important factor in the just need era, consumers have become more critical of the decoration. From the first set of housing renovation, to improve the type of decoration, which will become the main consumer market in 2016.

Third: Science and technology development forced paint industry to change the business model

In Internet background, more and more market format was inspired, with millet as the representative of the decoration decoration company, is thinking of using the Internet to change the traditional industry development pattern. In this context, paint companies must adapt to the new market, as well as new consumer spending habits. With the thinking of the Internet to examine and change the paint industry.

Fourth: the more obvious personalized demand

As the major consumer demand is for the new generation, the diversification and personalization of consumers become the mainstream of the market. More and more consumers began to like personalized products, the product of concern has been transferred from the quality, environmental protection and other elements like personalized products. This is a lot of personalized for the focus of the enterprise, is an excellent development opportunities. Like the sudden rise of art paint is a prediction of the pursuit of personality.

Fifth: open service driven product sales model

In the product of high homogeneity of the paint industry, in order to separate the differences between enterprises and enterprises, the service is a good point of entry. In 2106, with the increasing demand for Internet services, there will be more and more enterprises pay more attention to service import, sales of service driven products. This from the traditional product driven service model, completely converted to service driven product sales model.

By Emily

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