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Plastic masterbatch with paint of the main performance requirements

2016.05.18   12:52

Plastic masterbatch by the high proportion of additive and thermoplastic resin, pigments or the good dispersion of plastic colorants, it chooses the resin of colorants have good wetting and dispersing effect, and has good compatibility with being shaded material. Namely: pigment carrier additives = masterbatch.

The classification of the masterbatch method commonly used have the following kinds:

Classified by the carrier, such as PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, ABS masterbatch masterbatch, PVC, EVA masterbatch, etc

Classification according to the use, such as injection of masterbatch, blowing masterbatch, spinning, masterbatch, etc. And each type can be divided into different levels.

Pigment for plastic masterbatch, because of its processing, plastic products as a way of different factors, such as, requirements on the performance of the paint is different also, in general, have the following performance requirements:

1, tinting strength,

Paint tinting strength refers to a certain amount of pigment color products required, with the percentage of standard samples tinting strength. Pigment tinting strength is not only related to its properties, but also related with the degree of pigment dispersion, dispersion degree is mainly refers to the degree of refinement, pigment dispersion, the greater the degree of its tinting strength is stronger, but there is a saturated value.

2, heat resistance,

Heat resistance refers to the processing and use of the temperature degree of the change of the color of the paint or performance. When considering the heat resistance of paint to consider its heating time. For in processed into plastic products, processing methods, different heating time, in use process, USES different, different heating time, generally, the higher the temperature, heat time shorter.

3, resistance transference

Pigment resistance transference refers to shading plastic state material such as solid, liquid, gas and other long-term contact or work in a specific environment and likely the material physical and chemical action, show the pigment from plastic internal migration to the products of free surface, or migrate to the adjacent plastic or solvents.

4, light fastness and weather resistance

Plastic products for long term use outdoors are required to have good light fastness and weather resistance. Some pigment under the irradiation of light, the color will have different degree of change. Weather refers to the color stability of the pigment under the condition of nature. Black female because used outdoors very much, also put special emphasis on migration resistance and weatherability.

5, chemical resistance

Industrial plastic products are often used to store chemicals and used as transportation acid, alkali, etc., so considering the acid-proof, alkali resistance and other properties of the pigment.

Acid, alkali and other chemicals sex but also should include resin decomposition product, other additives in the products and the use environment of detergents, bleach, etc.


Plastic products used in the daily life more and more, so they pay more and more attention to color plastic toxicity problems.

7, mixed

Plastics coloring when often use two or more of the pigment color matching, therefore must understand the mixing performance between them, at the same time also need to know whether masterbatch and plastic additives, additives in the chemical reaction.

                                                                                                                                                                        By Nicole

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