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Global titanium pigment market value to $31.19 billion in 2022

2016.05.20   08:48

According to consulting firm Grand View analysis, Research, a new study led by special coatings, such as consumer demand growth, the global value chain market value would reach $2022 in 31.19 billion, at the same time the brics market driven economic growth cosmetics consumer demand will also become one of the strong power of titanium dioxide industry growth.

Global titanium pigment market value of about $15.17 billion in 2014, the paint industry is one of the biggest consumption, total consumption of about $8 billion in 2014, due to the excellent hiding power, titanium dioxide is mainly used for building interior wall paint, and need to buy the light color in the outdoor and self-cleaning, ageing resistance, and other functions of architectural coatings applications, titanium dioxide is also preferred pigment, in the field of industrial coatings, because of the opacity, outdoor aging resistance and acid catalytic coating and coating curing in areas such as performance, unique titanium dioxide has gained widespread use.

Plastics industry in 2015-2022 titanium dioxide consumption compound average annual growth rate of about 4.5%, plastic doors and Windows in the future market demand growth will be positive influence on the formation titanium dioxide consumption.

The asia-pacific region in 2015-2022 compound average annual growth rate (CAGR), titanium dioxide consumption is about 4%, and the market value CAGR is expected to reach 10%, the main consumption for coatings and paint, the pulp and paper industries.

Europe is the second largest consumer market in 2014, titanium dioxide, worth more than $4.3 billion, Britain, Germany, Italy and France and other countries of the personal care market growth will be the future driver to the growth of titanium dioxide, especially the constant innovation of ultrafine titanium dioxide, will be for the application of titanium dioxide in the field of personal care and cosmetics to create new space.

                                                                                                                                                               By Nicole

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