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Recent market weak inverse domestic titanium dioxide price to go up

2016.05.23   09:04

With large domestic market cargo sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium pigment, for example, according to the business club, according to data from the commodity list titanium dioxide overall average price contrarian rally, up 0.27%.

Analyses of market condition

End of January, the titanium white leading enterprises in sichuan province on January 6 dragon python nationwide increase 300 yuan/ton, after it announced on January 26 again rose 300 yuan/ton, east China, southwest and south China regions such as the manufacturers have so far to raise and follow up rate between 300-500 yuan/ton, up for the first time after the country has had more than 20 manufacturers, the price range of 200-500 yuan/ton, the increase in the price of a recent or gaining domestic tide, but a weak savings already a long time, the time market overall price starting point is too low, although the market has certain amplitude boost, but the real single transaction of flexible, rises the price consolidation for the first time the results mean that move is thicker, clinch a deal valence is still to see order, quantity, see the payment in the form of a single discussion mainly. In addition, the use of manufacturing prices atmosphere has basically formed the purpose of stimulating demand, combined with the distributors and downstream users a small amount of the goods, the shipper of slightly tight spot supply, east China a big producers have single to march, its main reason is that producers to leak and middlemen and downstream of a small amount of stock, the cash supply contract or boost the market average price rise, titanium dioxide or add bullish prices may, by degrees, or is controlled in 300 yuan/ton, do not rule out some producers are on hold, use price to fight, rob customers in the market, grasp the receivable before the lunar New Year.

              According to the national chemical industry productivity promotion center of titanium white sub-center and titanium dioxide industry technology innovation strategic alliance secretariat in the near future for the country can maintain normal production 42 type the whole process of titanium white production enterprises above designated size of data statistics, more than 2015 enterprises of titanium white production for a total of 2.323 million tons 2.435 million tons dropped 112000 tons, compared with 2014 year-on-year growth of 4.6%. Rutile type products is 1.7152 million tons, fell 2.4% year-on-year in 2014, accounted for 73.8% of the total output; Sharp titanium products production of 417000 tons, accounting for 18.0%; The pigment grade products of 128000 tons of t, accounting for 5.5%; Out of stock/nano products is 62900 tons, accounting for 2.7%. This is since 1998 to 2015, 17 years of the industry total output decline for the first time.  

                                                                                 By Nicole

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