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Coating color unknown secret, decided to secure

2016.06.06   09:10

People's pursuit for coating gradually from the basic performance, begin to gradually shift in the direction of aesthetics and performance of mergers. People pursuit of the color of the paint is becoming more and more high. But the color and safety is closely linked. The coating color has become people pick coating is one of the important factors, we are the most commonly used coating of white, then blue, beige, of course, there are fewer red and other color coating.

 1. The light color paint lead content is low, more secure

        Lead is an important element of paint, the paint itself is chemical properties, and formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Lead paint was mainly caused by paint containing lead compounds, such as yellow lead and red lead, white lead and so on. Because it can keep the paint color lasting bright, so, the more brightly colored paint, the more likely to contain lead. So the safer than brunet paint coating of light color, because the lead content is less.

 2. The dark coating can be artificial flavor

        There are a lot of decoration in addition to the taste of products on the market, such as the removal of formaldehyde. Buy these in addition to flavor products can clear dark coating, to a certain extent, certainly cannot fundamentally fallen apart. We can't be said for brunet paint containing lead quantity is larger than light-colored some don't use brunet paint, it is not wise choice, we should be in coating paint after the completion of the building open air basks in a few months, use in addition to flavor products to in addition to taste.

 3. The method to prevent lead poisoning

        There are some simple ways to prevent lead poisoning, such as regular weekly cleaning floor, window sill, vacuum carpets; Urged children to wash your hands often, especially before eating to be washed clean; To ensure that children's dietary iron and calcium content of high and low in fat, can make children less absorption of lead in environment.

                                                                                                                                                     By Nicole

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