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Reasonable utilization of resources waste dyeing sludge

2016.06.12   09:20

When it comes to printing and dyeing, will think of textile dyeing sludge of nature, damage to the environment, for these injuries, each enterprise also adopt various methods to control production of textile dyeing sludge, control of dyeing sludge produced at the same time, the printing and dyeing sludge treatment is a feasible way.

China's printing and dyeing industry developed, so printing and dyeing mill is also more and more. In this way, it is the a problem, that is, will have on the environment pollution, this time on the need to adopt various ways to make economic and environmental protection at the same time, rational use of resources, to solve the printing and dyeing printing and dyeing mill sludge treatment difficult problem.

So how to reasonable use of resources, by which industries.

Dyeing sludge can be applied to plastic products, used in the production of plastic products. Sludge into biodegradable plastic products this study is one of the world's first technology, compared with incineration power generation and other more traditional use, degradable plastics of higher value. And degradable plastic products is not so complicated and difficult to implement, the textile dyeing sludge, additives and fillers in accordance with the requirements of the mixing ratio, and mixing, in under the action of physical, molecules can be changed, melting, disinfection, copolymerization, plastics, finally made the sludge plastic particles, in the processing to produce plastic products made from sludge.

In addition to printing and dyeing sludge can be made of plastic products, can also be made of brick. Sludge brick of this technology in sludge disposal has been widely recognized, is also suitable for the treatment of textile dyeing sludge. Simple generalization made from sludge brick process is, textile dyeing sludge after concentrated, reuse of sludge dewatering equipment dewatering, sludge cake formation, and other raw materials were mixed incineration, may be formed. Printing and dyeing industry every year to produce a large amount of textile dyeing sludge, if only use the original method, first concentrated, dehydration and Sinotrans landfill, this will not only occupy land resources, will produce secondary pollution, on the environment and resources are not any benefit. Dyeing sludge made of bricks was a big breakthrough, reasonable use of solid waste, this technology enables printing and dyeing sludge to maximize the reduction, and that resources are fully utilized.

Introduced in front of dyeing sludge can be made of plastic and brick buildings, in addition to the two kinds of processing technology, printing and dyeing wastewater can always activated carbon, the formation of green recycling mode. Currently on the market also appeared in the device, a ton of sludge can be made more than 400 kilograms of activated carbon, and the processing cost is not high, and activated carbon itself is environmentally friendly materials can be used for the treatment of a number of industries, environmental protection.

Introduced more than three kinds of textile dyeing sludge reuse technology, textile dyeing sludge can converted into another kind of resources, reasonable use, in order to protect the environment, enterprises and individuals are after efforts will have similar technology more slowly, not only in the printing and dyeing industry, all walks of life will be reflected.

                                                                                By Emily

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