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Plastic chemicals giant another new business adjustment

2016.06.24   08:46

As the market situation changes, the enterprise is important to adjust the corresponding business initiatives. Business direction for quick to carry out the New Year, each enterprise giant phase The new adjustment of business to further integrate resources, layout of the market again.

Clariant business integration of plastic and coating field

Since January 1, 2016, clariant masterbatch, additives and pigments business reorganization merger formed a new plastic and coating business unit, the single RMB 2015, total sales of 2015 Swiss francs, according to the local currency terms rose 1% year-on-year, EBITDA margins of about 280 million Swiss francs.

Basf layout agrochemical business selling coating business

Basf will coil, with annual sales of 500 million euros paper, wind and other coatings business for 475 million euros to sell to the akzo Nobel, aims to layout China and India's agrochemical market, implement the strategy of agrochemical. Five months ago, basf has established the new agricultural research and development center in India pune, main agrochemical field. 2015-2015, the Chinese poured buying syngenta, let basf strengthened investment in China agrochemical market confidence, and to cut meat to give up the world The determination of the third coil coatings business.

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