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The future of carbon market will be very good

2016.06.28   09:22

In 2015 the impact of the economic downturn in the domestic carbon market experienced winter market twists and turns.

The domestic carbon market at the end of September 2015, with a global carbon price hike event, Japan Tokai carbon company and Asahi carbon black company first respectively in July and August after a price increase, causing other carbon black manufacturers generally follow up, in the global carbon market set off a wave of price increases.

In November the black market trend turned down, mainly due to two reasons: first, the upstream coal tar. The price of carbon black and trend of the coal tar has a strong correlation. Recently, coal tar prices lower, at present main producing areas of high temperature coal tar weak hard to change, this month floor coal tar tender decline dominates, 11 in mid and late parts of the tender price rose slightly, supporting the price of coal tar oil. Decline in coal tar prices for carbon black support. Two, the demand for the lower reaches of the tire industry is weak. Recently, the domestic tire industry continues to be weak, while trade friction makes exports have been blocked, the overall rate of tire enterprises operating rate is low. Businesses in the post market lack of confidence, making carbon black market rebound blocked.

But a report published in the latest U. S. global market research and consulting institutions Lou Singh Tell (lucintel) company, the prospects for the development of the global carbon market is still very good, is expected to 2016 to 2020 global carbon market annual compound growth rate will reach 5.9%. Due to the increase in the number of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the future demand for carbon black in the tire industry will continue to grow. The transportation industry, due to the rubber tire, rubber hose and model products in great demand, it continues to occupy the highest share in the black market segment. At the same time, the Asia Pacific region will continue to be the world's largest carbon black market. The reason is the area of automobile production increased year by year and tire companies more and more developed area migration to lower cost countries such as India and China.

Carbon black industry should strengthen technological innovation and new product development, and to establish a partnership with consumers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, provide a low cost solution for the end consumer. At present, the new trend, such as carbon black varieties from general-purpose more to the special transformation, and carbon black as pigment is more and more used in lightweight of automobile parts, to enhance the conductivity and anti ultraviolet function, which will have a profound impact on the global carbon black industry. The prediction period of 2015~2020 years, some companies in mergers and acquisitions as a strategic measure promoting growth of carbon black, M & A will be increased, the market concentration will be enhanced.

                                                             By Betty

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