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Water based polyurethane waterproof coating

2016.07.06   13:39

Overview of waterborne polyurethane waterproof coatings:

Waterborne polyurethane waterproof coating belongs to the environmental protection type polymer elastic waterproofing materials, products are non-toxic tasteless, with good bonding and watertightness, the cornerstone of cement mortar and stone and metal products have a strong adhesion force, the chemical properties of the products are stable, can withstand long-term solar irradiation, high strength, extending rate, good elasticity, waterproof effect.

    Characteristics of waterborne polyurethane waterproof coating:

    1, single, cold construction, non-toxic and tasteless, safe use.

    2, in wet or dry (Wu Mingshui) construction base, high elastic tenacity coating.

    3, for masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, foam board, insulation layer has a strong adhesion.

    4, construction safety, simple, short duration.

    Water based polyurethane waterproof coating:

The type waterproof coating is mainly used in the national key projects and general waterproof engineering, such as the roof, color steel tile, basement, civil air defense engineering, kitchen and toilet, culverts, tunnels, bridges, pool, etc., can also be used in metal pipe, workshop floor, pools and other engineering anti-corrosion and wood flooring, cement board, asbestos products, glass steel products, ceramics, tiles, such as the bonding, caulking material for building structures.

                                                                           By Betty

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