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Environmental protection is an important criterion for testing paint

2016.07.15   14:11

Home decoration in the selection of coating is a important link, wall paint to paint the walls, furniture, floor need to corrosion of metal paint wood waterproof paint, doors and windows, metal materials, coatings and life are closely related, a direct impact on our health, so quality ring protection coating meets those criteria??

VOC content

VOC is a volatile organic compound (organic compounds volatile) in english. Volatile organic substances will cause harm to the human body and the environment, before the purchase can be based on the VOC content of the outer packaging to determine whether the environmental protection water paint, VOC GB <200g/L, high-quality water paint can reach 0 VOC.


Gently open the lid can be gently flapping, there is no smell pungent odor. If you feel a strong pungent taste or similar alcohol flavor, you can determine the quality of paint.

Shape and color

Paint body uniform color no impurities, no peeling, delamination, mildew and other undesirable phenomena. Bright, the color of water white, no sticky crystal transparent transparent for the green water paint, you can rest assured that the purchase.


Carefully observe the information outside the package to prevent the purchase of fake and shoddy products. Product packaging should be sealed well, can not have any leakage phenomenon, metal packaging should not appear rust, otherwise indicate that the seal is not good or too long. At the same time, carefully check the production date and shelf life, type, content, site security number.

Easy operation

High quality water paint operation is simple, only need to be diluted with water in accordance with the appropriate ratio can be painted, paint the day second days can be admitted, rest assured that no odor.

Environmental protection is an important criterion for testing paint. Water paint is today's environmentally friendly products, consumers can meet the needs of environmental protection, health, energy saving, low carbon, you can rest assured that the use of.

                                                                      By Betty

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