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3D printing technology and the perfect combination of fashion design

2016.07.19   09:51

Science and technology in the rapid development, there will always be some surprises, unexpected new technology appears in front of us, but also for all walks of life brings a lot of convenience, help enterprises to upgrade.

3D printing is three-dimensional printing, in the middle of the twentieth Century 90 years, when the technology has been a rapid prototyping device. 3D printer and we see the principle of common printer is basically the same, the difference lies in the different materials used. Ordinary printers need only a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper, and 3D printers are and some of the raw materials, when the printer to the computer after the connection, through the control of the computer can be designed the blueprint of superimposed layers, into an object.

Simple introduction of 3D printing technology, we can to shift our attention to the clothing, clothing design apart from the unique style and tailoring, striking stamp is a major bright spot, fashion shows, big brand conference will appear different printed flower pattern, leading the trend of the moment, printing an indispensable. And we have previously said that several kinds of printing methods, there are traditional printing methods, there are digital printing, the former has the advantage of the latter, while 3D printing can also achieve a variety of printing.

Digital printing is a printing of green environmental protection, then, when digital printing trends gradually receded, 3D printing will not instead?? at present, 3D printing has been some designers use the advanced dress design, the visible 3D printing technology has already become the new darling of the fashion world. This technology can get the favor of senior designers, there must be a reason for it, a relatively high degree of simulation of 3D printing, pattern, color, texture and so on is very rich, digital printing intelligent printing patterns, and 3D printing can print out the pattern of high degree of simulation, not only such, can also choose materials to print model. Digital printing is a problem that can not be compared to thick material printing, for example of this type of leather materials, so the technology in development, people will according to the needs of the industry to study a new way of printing, digital printing need to evolve, and 3D technology is the a new breakthrough.

The advantages of 3D printing is a high degree of simulation, three-dimensional effect is good, and the intensity of labor is small and the efficiency, but there are also its disadvantages, this high-tech printing method, cost is certainly higher than the general mode of print, in the choice of materials also have some limitations. From the adaptability of the point of view, 3D is more suitable for printing proofing, innovative design and production of new products, if you want to replace the traditional printing or digital printing, there is still a certain degree of difficulty.

3D printing technology will continue to develop, in the future, I believe that in the continuous improvement of the technology, the material cost will be gradually reduced, life changing technology, combining 3D printing and garment design, is a development direction of fashion design in the future.

                                                                                                 By Emily

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