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Textile and garment enterprises are looking forward to new policies

2016.07.22   08:53

China is the world's largest textile and apparel production and export country, the textile and garment exports, the sustained and stable growth to ensure China's foreign exchange reserves, international balance of payments, the stability of the RMB exchange rate, solve social employment and sustainable development of the textile industry is very important. Statistics show that China's textile and garment exports last year, US dollars 283.78 billion, down 4.9% compared with last year. In the current situation of the textile and garment trade, the company hopes to receive new policies support from the government.

The current state of the relevant high-tech industries to support the efforts of the local high-tech industrial park, the development of high-tech industries are also showing a good momentum. Textile is China's traditional industries, but the policy tilt the textile and garment export enterprises gradually feel some cold".

Enterprises need to find a balance between labor cost, environmental cost and production etc.. Hope that the country can integrate the current quality resources of textile and garment industry to form a cohesive force, more towards the high-end market.

Support enterprises to cultivate brand and marketing network, to encourage the development of cross-border e-commerce and other new formats, promoting the quality and efficiency of foreign trade. The brand is a razor to increase value-added products and increase market share for the enterprise.

For the domestic garment export enterprises, the independent brand construction is still in the growth stage. Is currently in the country, overseas held many exhibitions, paid subsidies and policy support for OEM enterprises. However, independent brand enterprises often need to fend for themselves. There is hope that the national policy guidance and support more of their own brand of textile and garment export enterprises to encourage more enterprises to build brands.

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