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The United States issued a report on the consumption of food cans lining coating

2016.07.26   08:57

Recently, investigation report by the United States and Canada 6 health and environmental groups to carry out the "consumer warning: canned lining materials in the toxic bisphenol A and harmful additives" reveals, in the investigation of the 192 brand and retail channels canned food, 67% (i.e., a sample of 129) using the epoxy resin bisphenol A (BPA).

Scientific research results

Bisphenol A paint packaging gun

Hundreds of scientific research results have shown that, irrespective of concentration is to ppb or PPT meter, bisphenol A may increase breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, type 2 diabetes, obesity, asthma and other diseases and attention deficit and behavior modification. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that the current limit of bisphenol A content for adults is safe, but FDA has started in 2012 to prohibit the use of bisphenol A bottles and children with a cup. To this end, some food companies have promised to no longer contain bisphenol A type chemical production of canned coatings, but the survey report shows that these companies did not achieve the promise.

According to introduce the institutions involved in the study: "food company refused to inform the packaging whether the use of bisphenol a type paint. Thus we decided hiring related agencies to detect and now the results came out, they have been unable to conceal the truth, so we are confident that these food companies may start using safe materials." After all, the survey also shows that some companies have adopted a new type of paint that does not contain bisphenol A and has been shown to be safe.

US companies looking for alternatives

Efforts to eliminate bisphenol A materials

The survey shows that although Campbell (Campbell) company has said is trying to eliminate material bisphenol A, but the report sampling the company 15 canned food samples tested results are all shown using bisphenol a type epoxy resin coating. Campbell on March 28, said, will in the year 2017 to disable bisphenol a type paint cans, use acrylic or polyester paint. But the elimination of bisphenol A type material technology and financial challenges is very large, the company is still working.

Research shows that, in particular, can be more to avoid the use of canned tomatoes can be used as a type of bisphenol A coating, because a long time after the storage of tomatoes and acid can react with some of the canned paint.

Canned DelMonte sample report of 14 American Del Monte Corporation, 10 containing bisphenol A epoxy resin; 12 General Mills (General Mills) in canned half containing bisphenol a material, including Purkinje card (Progresso) canned soups and green giant canned corn.

According to Del Monte Corporation, the company has spent 7 to 5 years to study and try to replace the bisphenol A type paint, but it is still very difficult to find a substitute product that meets the company's quality requirements. Even so, the company has decided from May this year, the fruit and tomatoes, and almost all of the company's canned vegetable products using the A does not contain bisphenol A.

                                                                                                                           By Betty

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