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Five major directions of Interior paint industry

2016.08.01   09:34

Involved in the real estate regulation, as well as a variety of similar products in the competition, in 2015 the Chinese interior wall paint market slow development. 2016 has just begun, the paint industry has entered a fully equipped for interior wall state, is expected to achieve the breaking development in 2016. I think the traditional paint of the wall inside the industry to who want to seek survival in the crevice, must walk out of the traditional concept of operations, in order to meet the demand of market, make changes in the new!

1 pay attention to brand building

In the competition pattern of the paint brands such as forest, has a little ahead of consciousness of enterprises began to focus on brand building, to create is a characteristic brand, enhance brand awareness. And with the continuous advance of the Internet, breaking the traditional marketing thinking, focusing on the network marketing of paint companies will be like springing up all over the industry.

These coatings enterprises will use the Internet and new media and new means of brand building brand, in Baidu and other well-known platform covering the positive information of enterprise, by Tencent, Sina and other authoritative media brand advocacy, improve the audience for its cognitive force.

2 brand specialization

The brand is in the paint industry as the competition in the Red Sea, and the homogenization of serious, so that consumers at a loss. Affected by the impact of homogenization, the future of the enterprise will develop in the direction of the small and the United States, that is, the first to do fine and then bigger. Perhaps the current paint market is still in chaos, but many enterprises in the homogenization of the road will gradually become aware of the importance of brand specialization, to seek the strength of the district division.

3 service value added

High competition from the paint industry, the market demand for paint services will be multiplied. In this case, marketing companies, logistics, home improvement companies are able to inject more support for the paint industry, perhaps the paint giant can also be included in the scope of its own business, this is the assimilation of value-added services. This may be a major trend in the future.

4 product environmental protection and energy saving, personalized custom

At present, although the environmental protection and energy saving, personality and other aspects of the industry is concerned by the industry, but the actual way to do so few companies, most companies only take this publicity. The most stringent environmental law has been implemented, environmental protection and energy conservation will be the future trend. Also 80, 90 gradually occupy the leading position in the society, the demand for personalized will increase, so like Germany FEMA this customized products will also be a development trend.

5 low-end industrial transfer

In the next few years, the Southeast Asian countries will be mainly to undertake the transfer of China's low-end paint manufacturing. But restricted by the backward infrastructure, a shortage of technical personnel, shortage of energy supply and industrial facilities lack of many factors, Southeast Asia and other countries difficult to achieve doors and windows of the Pearl River Delta (door and window decoration effect diagram) industry prosperity. And geographic proximity to the Pearl River Delta region transfer a large number of low-end paint processing enterprises and enterprises to paint the subject design and marketing mode will change, and Southeast Asian nations formed complementary industry, the future is expected to in the relevant geographic formation a transnational paint industrial district.

                                                                    By Betty

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