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Development forecast of China's ink industry used for glass in the future

2016.08.04   09:04

In recent years, China's glass industry showing a trend of rapid development of the main reasons is the recovery of the real estate, the rapid development of automobile industry, national home appliances to the countryside policy support, as an application in  printing ink for glass industry most of inorganic pigments will also in the golden period of development.

Most durable pigments used in home appliances, furniture, building materials and other durable goods, the pattern must be printed to ensure durable. Therefore, the requirements of printing glass products have good durability, however, due to the can not firmly attached to the inorganic material of glass, silk screen printing ink with the organic resin on the adhesion, especially water resistance and photostability are difficult to meet the above requirements, and besides, the pigment also special requirement, such as a transparent, hiding power have great development. Therefore, the printing ink pigment and resin must by special design and the long-term durability test.

Another concern is that some time ago Europe's new environmental regulations on toys, packaging and other detection proposed new requirements, mainly is restricted to the heavy metal consisted of eight increase for 19 species, 66 kinds of fragrance allergic clear limits. The signal is mainly for domestic paint, ink glass production enterprises put forward higher requirements, is also crucial for the selection of pigments, with environmental protection non-toxic, resistant to high temperature weather resistant chemical pigments become the cornerstone of the rapid development of enterprises.

What is gratifying is the glass ink industry of our country has ink products environmental performance into a certain degree of attention, gradually from single focus on production cost to the production more in line with the environmental standards of products change. This also shows that China's ink manufacturing industry is actively carrying out international standards, expand overseas markets. Only by maintaining constant innovation, from the production of raw materials, production and other aspects of the checks, to win the market.

                                                                                                                                          By Emily

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