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Tangshan pollution disable containing VOC which will help for powder coating

2016.08.19   09:11

On May 26, Tangshan City issued "on the strengthening measures to ensure the air quality of the emergency notice", pointed out that according to the city's heavy pollution weather with the command decision, on May 27, 2016 zero - 5 July 31, 24, in the Lu Bei, South Road, Guye, Kaiping, plump and smooth skinned, Fengnan, high technology development zone range, in the start of heavy pollution weather three emergency response based on, for industrial enterprises take further measures to limit production.

 1 concrete mixing station full stop production, raw materials, sprinkler, sprinkler take cover dust suppression measures.

 2 cement grinding station enterprises all discontinued.

 3 the use of coal-fired kiln furnace of steel rolling, casting (forging) manufacturing enterprises to stop production.

 4 the coke oven coking time extended to 48 hours.

 5 the production of VOCs enterprise processes all stop production, prohibit the use of paint, paint, solvents and other volatile organic compounds containing raw materials and products.

The article 5, reflects the one-sided understanding of the concept of VOC in society, if in strict accordance with the requirements of the VOC process of enterprise all discontinued ", it means that for a large number of industrial enterprises will be involved.

 According to "science in China" project jointly conducted by the Chinese Chemical Society experts and Baidu for VOC (volatile organic compounds) meaning of science notes can be seen: VOC volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of the English abbreviation, in the ordinary sense of the VOC is command of organic matter; but environmental sense definition is refers to the lively class of volatile organic compounds, which will produce the harm of the volatile organic compounds.

The entry for VOC sources described as VOC outdoor mainly from the combustion of fuel and transport; indoor mainly from coal and natural gas combustion products, smoking, heating and cooking smoke, construction and decoration materials, furniture, household appliances, cleaning agent and the human body itself emissions.

 For the definition of VOC, there are certain differences between countries, for example, the United States D3960-98 ASTM standard will be defined as any VOC to participate in the atmospheric photochemical reaction of organic compounds. United States Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) definition: volatile organic compounds are in addition to CO, CO2, H2CO3, metal carbide, metal carbonate and ammonium carbonate, any of the carbon compounds to participate in the atmospheric photochemical reaction.

WHO (WHO, 1989) are defined as total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), which are the general name of the volatile organic compounds, which are lower than the room temperature and the boiling point of 50 to 260 degrees Celsius.

 The international standard 4618/1-1998 ISO and the German 55649-2000 VOC standard for the general term for paints and varnish are defined as, in principle, in the normal temperature and pressure, any organic liquid and / or solid that can spontaneously evaporate. At the same time, the German 55649-2000 DIN standard in the determination of VOC content, and made a limit, that is, under normal pressure conditions, the boiling point or the beginning of the distillation point lower than or equal to 250 degrees C of any organic compounds.

 With the guiding role of public opinion is increasingly apparent, I do not know when VOC has been closely linked with paint and paint. And this misunderstanding has been widely reflected in some government decrees and regulations, in the development of coatings industry is not correct misleading.

 As the paper puts forward, "the prohibition of the use of paint, paint, solvents and other volatile organic compounds containing raw materials and products". First of all, from the above definition of VOC, the source is not a simple paint and paint, but also the main source of environmental pollution is not paint industry. According to 2014, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau released PM2.5 source apportionment research results, the year Beijing PM2.5 sources, motor vehicle emissions accounted for 31.1%; coal accounted for 22.4%; industrial production accounted for 18.1%; dust accounted for 14.3%; food and beverage, automotive repair, livestock and poultry breeding, painting and other construction accounted for 14.1%. Over the same period, Tianjin also to local sources of PM2.5 of scientific analysis, results showed that: dust 30.00%; coal accounted for 27.00%; motor vehicles accounted for 20.00%; industrial production accounted for 17.00%; food and beverage, automotive repair, livestock and poultry breeding, building coating and sea salt particles accounted for 6%.

From the results of scientific analysis can be seen, paint coating is indeed one of the source of environmental pollution, but it is not some of the media and some local governments believe that the culprit".

 Not to mention, Tangshan city is based on the document, will bring disaster to except for powder coating almost all paint products, because the market who advocated zero VOC paint just business advertising, if scientific detection, liquid coating is not possible without any VOC.

                                                                                                                                               By Betty

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