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Global titanium pigment production cut domestic reform of the "supply side" with "closure"

2016.08.29   09:24

Review 2015 titanium pigment market, is a "miserable", 2015, sulfuric acid method, rutile type titanium white below 9000 yuan/ton, "jump" to return to "liberation" low price make titanium dioxide manufacturers li and xu. In this situation, the titanium white production giant took the lead through the closure of production capacity, reduce the production rate and inventory to match market conditions and other means to curb the market "the world".

The largest supplier of titanium white production European Huntsman in France to begin Calais of titanium white plant shut down plan, ability to retain only the post-processing. Before shutting down the sulfuric acid method of titanium white production capacity of 100000 tons.

Titanium pigment, company can output capacity of 468000 tons, accounting for 6% of the total global market, all take the chlorination process and production process. In 2015, the company intends to reduce the production of titanium white and ore, titanium white plant has suspended the Hamilton (a total of six production lines) of a line and western Australia Kwinana Tiwest pigment plant (a total of four production lines) of a line. Makes the company's total TIO2 production fell by 15%.

Families and longed for, announced two according to the "five reforms" company decisions: will shut down its near wilmington, Delaware, USA EdgeMoor factory production white products, as well as in the United States, Tennessee NewJohnsonville Johnsonville factory in titanium white production line 3, the total reduce 150000 tons a year of titanium pigment production.

Compared with 2015 in China in 2014 2.435 million tons dropped 112000 tons, year-on-year growth of 4.6%. This is since 1998 to 2015, 17 years titanium pigment in China for the first time in the industry production decline (except in the second half of 2008, a short period of decline). Means 2015 decline in market demand for titanium white production enterprise should not consciously strives for the survival, especially below ten thousand yuan of critical moment, most industry issued the call for "production to library", reduce the supply of titanium pigment market, to reduce the spot inventory, reduce losses, the purpose of the market price adjustment.

Lower production rate and inventory level to match the market, the domestic inventories sharply reduced in 2016, the supply chain, shrinking, on the other hand, to promote the quality of titanium white production in our country, recognized by the international upstream and downstream users, PPG, akzo Nobel, cosco kansai paint a large number of world famous companies purchasing made in China, in fact, titanium pigment production enterprises through the efforts of recent years in China, reform of the "supply side" is not a product upgrade, make a perfect product, the product is suitable for the needs of the customers, captures the "good product, the way of the product is the market, a market to have a profit".

In 2016 in the first five months of titanium dioxide export quantity of 284623.7 tons, compared with the same period in 2015 titanium dioxide export 137198.8 tons, up 107.45% from a year earlier. Export growth in the number of titanium dioxide, promoted the consumption of domestic titanium dioxide, largely promote the growth of the price of titanium dioxide.

Overall, in the first half of 2016 the closure of titanium pigment market rise, in part thanks to reduce production capacity at home and abroad, reduced inventory, also has the effects of macroeconomic causes has boosted exports, domestic consumption increased; More benefit from the product quality gradually improve titanium pigment enterprises in our country, reform of the "supply side" with "closure" or celebrates its gold nine "nine rose".

                                                                                                                                  By Nicole

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