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The price of titanium dioxide is increased nine times this year

2016.09.05   09:07

 This year, the cumulative increase of the price  for titanium Dioxide is more than 30% .

 On 2nd August , Sichuan Lomon titanium dioxide industry leader once again raised the price of domestic direct customers raised 500 yuan / ton, the domestic dealers price 300 yuan / ton, to international customers raised $50 / ton. At present, the titanium dioxide industry is in demand off-season, the leading enterprise price adjustment, indicating that the market supply and demand pattern is better. Driven by the supply side reform and rising demand, titanium dioxide market this year, the prices is increased by nine round,, the cumulative increase of more than 30%.

Recently, environmental verification continued to promote, corporate operating rate has been reduced, the supply of titanium dioxide decreased. In addition, titanium dioxide export market has maintained a good momentum of sustained tension, manufacturers inventory. Customs statistics show that in June China's exports of 64 thousand tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 44.48% from January to June, total exports of 348 thousand and 500 tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 28%, accounting for nearly 20% of total domestic output. Promote the improvement in supply and demand, titanium dioxide industry profitability will continue to improve.

From the industry perspective, titanium dioxide as the best performance of the white pigment, mainly used in paint, plastic, paper and other fields. Last year, China's titanium dioxide production capacity of 3 million 520 thousand tons, titanium dioxide industry operating rate of 67%. Due to overcapacity in recent years, the titanium dioxide market remains in the doldrums. At the end of last year, the price of titanium dioxide has fallen to historic lows, rutile type titanium dioxide market price had dropped to 9000 yuan / ton, many enterprises cost and price upside in deficit condition. At present, the mainstream of rutile titanium white powder containing the mainstream ex factory price of 12500 yuan to 13500 yuan / ton, the mainstream of titanium dioxide titanium white powder containing the factory price of 10500 yuan to 11000 yuan / ton, has returned to the break even point. Titanium dioxide manufacturers to ship better, low inventory.

At the same time, the concentration of titanium dioxide industry is also accelerating the upgrade. In recent years, China's titanium dioxide market remains in the doldrums, as well as the gradual progress of environmental governance, some of the backward production capacity to withdraw from the market. It is reported that 45 during the sulfuric acid production of titanium dioxide will be reduction replacement, to environmental protection, energy consumption, safety production, not up to standard, the production of unqualified enterprises to according to the law in accordance with regulations ordered shut down exit. According to the pollution prevention and control of titanium dioxide, will be in the clean production, air pollution control, water pollution control, solid waste disposal and comprehensive utilization and other aspects of the proposed requirements. Encourage the chlorination process titanium dioxide production process, the single reached an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of above, and titanium dioxide content of not less than 90% of titanium rich material as raw material. Domestic titanium dioxide annual production capacity of over 100 thousand tons of enterprises is only about 10, while less than 50 thousand tons of enterprises, the total production capacity of nearly 500 thousand tons. If the part of the production capacity was eliminated, will reduce the total production capacity of about 20% of the industry, the supply and demand will be improved.

At present, the titanium dioxide market although in the traditional off-season demand, but from the point of view of the situation of the market as a whole, the downstream demand is gradually restored, trader, the company stocking mentality rebound, market trading atmosphere also increased significantly. Upstream raw materials, environmental protection policies to accelerate the pace of implementation, resulting in the titanium market supply is tight, to titanium dioxide market support. In addition, the lower reaches of the real estate, car two major industries continued to pick up, the demand for titanium dioxide has also picked up.

Billions (002601) main rutile titanium dioxide, the total capacity of nearly 260 thousand tons. Last year the company announced that the proposed acquisition of Sichuan Lomon industry leading, after the completion of the acquisition, total capacity increased to 56 million tons, the market share of close to 15% of the, ranking the first, fourth in the world, have extremely strong domestic product pricing autonomy and the right to speak, at present the acquisition programme has been in reply to the CSRC. The company also has the advantages of titanium - titanium slag and titanium dioxide industry chain, a significant cost advantage. The company's latest announcement, since August 2nd to increase the sale price of rutile titanium dioxide. Also nuclear titanium dioxide (002145), Jin Pu titanium (000545) and ane, titanium dioxide production capacity also ranked the forefront of the industry, will benefit from the rising price of the products.

                                                                                By Emily


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