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China's textile and garment export reduction will become to norm

2016.09.13   08:55

Due to the poor condition of the economy, and China's domestic economy downward pressure is not reduced, labor costs remain high, our country foreign trade situation is poor as a whole, the same as one of China's main export products of textile and apparel exports also faces greater pressure. From January to June of  this year 2016, China's total exports of textiles and clothing 125 billion 30 million U.S. dollars, down 2.63%, of which exports of textile products $52 billion 443 million, down 0.91%; exports 72 billion 588 million U.S. dollars, down 3.83%.

And General Administration of Customs of the latest data show that in June, China's textile and apparel exports about 240.14 billion US dollars, down 5.27%, which exports of textile yarn, weaving material and products 91.18 billion, fell 3.70%; exports of apparel and clothing accessories, 148.96 billion, compared to the same period reduce 6.21%. Imports of cotton, as India cotton prices rose sharply, international cotton prices also appeared in the rising greatly, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, cotton prices have also risen, trading volume is very low, while the price is relatively cheap Vietnam cotton is ship futures set to the end of August.

With large base of our industry, and the industry chain is relatively complete, it is difficult to have individual countries in the short term can replace the status of China in the textile and garment industry. But with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, as the labor force is very concentrated in the textile and garment industry by the impact of the larger. With the rapid development of the textile and apparel industry in other countries in Southeast Asia, China's orders will gradually shift to these countries, the future of textile and garment export reduction will become the norm.

Because of domestic cotton prices rose sharply, domestic cotton prices after the cotton rose also began to have to raise its offer, from the previous tentative rose, now rise substantially, especially from June late now, cotton prices reached 3000 yuan / ton.

                                                                                                                                                 By Emily

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