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Pearl pigment application and matters needing attention in various fields

2016.10.12   09:06

1, the application in coatings

Pearl powder in the vast majority of coating system, including oil, water, powder, UV curing, etc. Pearl powder used in the coating method is very simple, in order to make it easier for dispersed more easy to use and to the right amount of pearl pigment wetting beforehand and then mix in the transparent substrate mix both pearl coating can be obtained.

2, in the application of the plastic

Also widely used in plastics industry, including injection molding, blow molding, blister, casting, masterbatch and other plastic processing technology, such as manufacturing cosmetic containers, shampoo containers, food and drugs, hose, household plastic products, toys, buttons, sandals, building plastic products, plastic household decorations and so on.

First mixed wetting pearl materials in advance and then mix in the plastic plastic resin.

3, application in ink

Pearl powder is suitable for gravure, letterpress and flexo and screen system of printing ink, coating, etc, used in the manufacture of paper, wallpaper, business CARDS, cypress paper, CARDS and so on. The product has an excellent decorative, make all kinds of printing products of color is more natural and vivid, with the noble pearly luster.

4, and its application in cosmetics

This product is widely used in nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, powdery cake, stain and other cosmetics and personal care industry. The content of heavy metals and microbial tested are accord with standard of Europe and the americas.


                                 By Nicole

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